Jordyn & Brian Desert Hot Springs Wedding

I waited so patiently for the wedding of these two amazing people. I've known this couple for a few years. I worked with Brian in San Francisco, and I was lucky enough to photograph their maternity pictures when Jordyn was carrying Tristan. 
This couple makes love (and parenthood) look so easy. They welcomed their sweet girl Hailey just a few weeks before their wedding. It was such a blessing for these two to have their beautiful children accompany them for their vows. 

The weather was a comfortable 100* that day. My second shooter and I enjoyed a dip in the pool before heading over to meet Brian and his guys at his parents house. When we pulled up Brian came out to meet me with a great big hug. He's one of the greatest guys I have ever met. And having known Brian pretty well for a while, I could tell he was anxious. We chatted a bit and I took a few photos while he and his guys wandered in and out. We wrapped up with the guys and headed up to the Overlook House to meet the girls.

We rang the doorbell and were greeted by Jordyn's step mom. The house was busy with excitement. When we walked into the bedroom all the girls were watching as Jordyn was getting the final touches on her hair. Jordyn's mom was in and out holding the precious new baby girl as she slept happily in her grandma's arms. 

When it was time to get dressed, Jordyn's girls assisted her. They were all surrounding her and attending to her so sweetly. She always has this calmness about her. Everything could have been falling apart, and she would be the calming voice amidst the chaos. As she slipped the dress on, her beautiful smile filled the room. This was it. She looked so overjoyed. But most of all, she was ready to get the show on the road.

The ceremony was full of love. Brian was escorted down the aisle by his parents. As he stood and waited for his first look at his bride, he had a look of calmness on his face. I couldn't help but think that it was the calm that Jordyn brings with her. 
Their friend officiated the ceremony. It was so personal and beautiful. They laughed at his jokes and spent the rest of it staring into each others eyes. When they finally got to say "I do" everyone cheered loudly. The processional music didn't start, so they stood and cheered and then walked back up the aisle without any music. When they reached the back they stood hugging and kissing as if they had just crossed a finish line.

The reception was catered by an awesome food truck company who's food was so delicious that the line didn't go down for over 2 hours! When it was time for the toasts, I was not prepared to laugh as much as I did. They have the funniest family and friends. Everything was so personal and hilarious. 
They moved to the cake and surprised us all by not only frosting each other but full out smashing piece after piece of cake in each others faces. At the end they were both laughing and they looked ridiculous but ended it with a kiss.
The dance floor opened up and the couple fell into place. They make love look so beautiful. Jordyn looks at Brian with this sweetness, like she has found her home in his arms. And Brian can't get enough of Jordyn. They seem to totally get each other and they work so well together not only as a couple, but as parents. 
Brian serenaded Jordyn with an Our Lady Peach song, Somewhere Out There. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. It's not often people in Cali that know that band let alone enough to sing the entire song. And he rocked it. 
When I left the dance floor had opened up with karaoke. Everyone was picking their song to sing and Brian & Jordyn were swaying together on the dance floor. It was the sweetest way for me to say goodbye to such sweet friends.

Jordyn & Brian, Thank you for giving me the chance to be such a big part of your day. I adore you both and I know that you have a very long and happy lifetime together.

A great big Thank You to my second shooter Kristy with Studio Six Photography!

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