Branden & Jill

Branden & Jill~ Cleveland Couples Photography

I was so happy when the stars aligned for this session. We chose a Thursday evening for the session knowing that the city would be a little quieter than the weekend. The forecast was calling for rain, rain, rain and more rain. (The weather has been very Floridian lately.) After questioning whether or not to reschedule, we decided to chance it. So with umbrella in hand, we set out to document the love these two amazing people share.

I met Branden & Jill at their home and we drove into Downtown Cleveland together. The conversation came easily and I quickly learned that Jill is the most down-to-earth girl. Both Branden & Jill hale from small towns west of the CLE, they have an ease about them that makes you feel like you're old friends.
They seem to fit together like two puzzle pieces, each one completing the whole picture. The smile that he gets when he looks at her is what fairy tales are made of. At one point I had to ask him what his big smile was for, his response "I can't help it, she just smells so good!"

I cannot wait to see where life is going to take this dynamic couple. Branden & Jill, know that your family and friends are your biggest supporters and with love like that, you are destined to fly!