Kylea- San Francisco Senior Session


Kylea- San Francisco Senior- Class of 2017

Tonight I post this gallery with a huge smile on my face while choking back tears. This session is extra special to me because this incredible young woman is my niece. Her future is blindingly bright! She is such a strong, passionate, whimsical ,well rounded person. Thoughtful and caring about others and so very talented. When she was younger she taught herself how to play the guitar. Now she writes her own music and sings/plays her own music. She sings at school talent shows and on stage at local festivals. Our whole family is so proud of her!

Tonight she is getting ready to attend her senior prom. Her date is her adorably sweet boyfriend of two years, Sean. He's made his way into our family and we all adore him. Today is one of those milestones I imagined as I held her in my arms the day she was born. It was the first time I looked a baby and realized that we were connected on a deeper level. That little girl saved our family in so many ways. She healed us and brought us all back to a place of genuine love.

Throughout the years we have watched her and my sister move, first as far East as they could go and then a few short years later my sister met her husband and moved with her adorable little 4 year old as far West as they could get! They welcomed a sweet little boy into their family and she was no longer an only child. I felt like a part of my heart was missing. So a few years later, I joined them in the most beautiful city in the country. San Francisco.

Now I have moved far away from them, and again I feel like my heartstrings are stretched to the limits. Luckily flying to see each other is easy. 

Watching her grow up has been such a blessing. Her bond with her Mom (my sister) is so rare and such an incredible inspiration for me and my daughter. I really hope I can acheive that relationship with my kids. 

So here are some images from the senior session I have been waiting for. 

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