Are we Compatible?

As a wedding photographer I put a lot of time and thought into my brand and identity. It's a lot of soul searching to find just what satisfies me creatively. I hope when you first see my website or Instagram that you feel my couples are elegant and completely full of love and laughter. I am drawn to those beautiful pastels and bright airy imagery. 
Planning your own wedding is exactly the same. You think about how you want people to feel when they walk in the room, what the food tastes like, how the music gets everyone up and moving on the dancefloor. And most importantly, how your photographer is going to capture it all and make you feel all the feelings you had when you looked around at all of your family and friends surrounding you with love on your wedding day.

Something to think about when you are booking your wedding photographer besides price is, Are you compatible? By this I mean did you look through their portfolio and feel drawn to their images? When you dream of your wedding photos, do they look similar to their style? How does their style match up with the other details of your wedding? Are most of their images in light, bright locations but you are getting married in a vibrant and colorful church? Sometimes our expectations don't match up to our reality. One way to compromise on this is to work together with your photographer to plan a wedding day timeline. This will allow for the creative photos to be taken in a location that is more inline with the style you are hoping to acheive. (Watch for another post discussing timelines coming out soon)

Now I am by no means trying to talk anyone out of booking with me, but I want my clients to be over the moon for their wedding photos. So make sure you are familiar with your photographers style and discuss your wants and needs for your wedding day. Trust me, we want you to ask questions! We do this all the time, so ask away!